Are you thinking of adding a granny flat in your property as a custom home addition? These secondary houses are an amazing investment, especially if you’re thinking about downsizing, giving your children the space they need to explore an independent life or keeping senior members of your family closer.

But now that you’ve built a granny flat, it’s time to design it. Granny flats are small, so you might look up some custom home designs to give the illusion of a bigger space.
So for you to attract the right renters or delight your relatives, you’ll need to undergo some home improvement projects to make your granny flat a spacious place to live in.

Here are 4 ways to maximise your space in your granny flat.

1. Incorporate Large Windows

Large vertical windows give the illusion that a granny flat has a much bigger space than it originally has. This allows more natural light to come in, brightening up darker spaces.
While large windows do add a well-lit ambience, you don’t have to install so many windows in your granny flat. Strategically place them where you know the sun will be most visible, notably during sunrise and sunset.
This way, you save on electricity and expand the look of your granny flat.

2. Splashes of Colour

Granny flats may be more functional homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add colour to the interiors.
Start with a white wall, especially if you can’t decide on what colour you want. Use light, palette hues to give furniture and appliances an extra pop in the background.
You can also use different colours to define the space or room: dark tones for bedrooms and lighter tones for the living room or kitchen. Depending on the warmth or coolness of the colour, the paint will make your room a little bigger, if not cosier.

3. Storage in Small Spaces

Many homeowners, when they do home improvement projects, would often overlook small spaces. In fact, these ‘hidden spots’ make great areas for custom shelving and maximising storage.
For example, Get rolling carts to store extra decor, supplies or plants – simply roll them in or out if you need them.
Walls make great space maximisers too. Install shelves where you can place books or other trinkets you have. You can also place hooks on the sides of your cupboard to hang coats and bags.

4. Flat Entertainment System

People nowadays prefer more than enough space to walk around in. A bulky home theatre system that uses too much floor space will shoo away prospective renters.
Instead, invest in a wall-mounted flat-screen TV that does not require you to connect various media boxes. If you’re planning to add peripherals like external speakers or a DVD player, consider using a hanging shelf.
These basic space-maximising home improvement tips will surely your family feel right at home and really happy to be living in your custom designed granny flat.
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